It Takes a Village 9 April 2020

It Takes a Village

Human Development and Family Studies creates a virtual field trip

When community events had to be canceled because of the outbreak, it could have spelled disaster for an assignment in the online class HDFS 331: Infancy and Early Childhood Development. That’s when HDFS instructor Rheta Kuwahara reached out to the CTAHR and Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies ‘ohana to create an online cultural event that students could attend remotely. The support was resounding!

Shaping Plants 9 April 2020

Shaping Plants

CTAHR researcher discovers a new tool for domesticating wild plants

Why and how do plants grow the way they do, and can we change them? This question lies at the heart of Dr. Michael G. Muszynski’s research in CTAHR’s Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences department. Now he’s researching how the shapes of plant leaves can be altered through the plant hormone cytokinin.

Excellence in Research 7 April 2020

Excellence in Research

MBBE’s Dr. Qing Li is recognized for discoveries in crops, pesticides, and Alzheimer’s disease

Professor Qing Li, who has continually broken new ground in agricultural chemistry since joining CTAHR’s Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering in 1995, was awarded the 2020 UH Board of Regents’ Excellence in Research Award.

Ramp Up the Science 3 April 2020

Ramp Up the Science

MBBE professor calls for investment in medical research to save lives and the economy

We must use all scientific tools at our disposal, including fast and accurate testing and more effective treatments, to shorten the course of the epidemic and lessen its devastating effects on human life and the economy, MBBE professor David Christopher argues in a recent Star-Advertiser editorial.

Micro-Hydroponics in Your Apartment 2 April 2020

Micro-Hydroponics in Your Apartment

The first article in CTAHR’s “How to Start Your Own Home Garden” series

Did you ever want to grow your own food? Indoors and without soil? You can…with micro-hydroponics! Micro-hydroponics allows you to grow miniature vegetable plants hydroponically (without soil) in your house, apartment, garage, or lanai. Read on for more information in this guest post by Dr. Kent Kobayashi!


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