What’s Easy to Grow, Healthy, and Tasty? Beans! 24 April 2020

What’s Easy to Grow, Healthy, and Tasty? Beans!

Legumes are good for you and good for your back yard

If you’re starting a home garden, make sure you add beans! Beans improve soil fertility, which helps crop diversity and sustainability in Hawai‘i. They’re highly nutritious—rich in protein, fiber, and the good carbohydrates. And beans don’t require much water or fertilizer, yet they’re fast-growing and produce heavy yields, especially if you’ve picked the right location.

Beefing Up Production 24 April 2020

Beefing Up Production

HNFAS Extension agent improves pregnancy rates for Wagyu cattle

Wagyu, a Japanese breed of cattle, produces high-quality meat prized by chefs the world over. Unfortunately for steak lovers, Wagyu are also known for having poor reproductive rates. But Kyle Caires is on a mission to change that. He just took the next step forward in his long-term quest to improve the reproductive technologies of cattle with his latest paper.

Making a Mask 22 April 2020

Making a Mask

FDM provides three patterns and a how-to video

Face mask patterns abound on the Web, but if you’re looking for designs by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences’ professor Shu-Hwa Lin and the Fashion Design and Merchandising Textile Lab, then look no further.

Fashion and Gender for the World 16 April 2020

Fashion and Gender for the World

FDM professor honored as Fulbright Specialist

Fashion Design and Merchandising professor Andy Reilly has been accepted into the Fulbright Specialist program, where he’ll be matched with institutions around the world to serve as a short-term visiting expert and collaborator in research or instruction.


He’s Got It Covered 15 April 2020

He’s Got It Covered

Samir Khanal donates face masks to UH

When the COVID-19 epidemic hit Hawai‘i, Professor Samir Khanal of the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering reached out to his friends and colleagues in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Macao, asking them for face masks for a good cause. When they arrived, he generously donated them—all 1,000 masks!


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