What Will the Cattle Eat? 23 December 2019

What Will the Cattle Eat?

CTAHR tackles spittlebug infestations on Hawai‘i Island

A recent article in Hawaii Tribune Herald noted that Mark Thorne, Extension specialist with the Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences, is working with the Kona livestock community to combat the two-line spittlebug (TLSB), a recently discovered pasture pest. They "pose a significant economic threat to the Hawai‘i livestock industry,” he says.

A Tale of Two Disciplines 23 December 2019

A Tale of Two Disciplines

Flowers from research trials get a starring role

When thinking of CTAHR’s interdisciplinary collaborations, the connection between plant sciences and the Theatre and Dance department isn’t perhaps the first to come to mind. But this exact partnership came into full bloom for the recent UH Manoa theatre production Leviathan, which went up at the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre on December 5–8.

The Undergrads Have It 23 December 2019

The Undergrads Have It

Student conference participants share their research

Several CTAHR students participated in the recent UH Manoa Undergraduate Showcase, an academic conference that highlights undergraduate research and creative work. Congratulations to these up-and-coming researchers who so ably represent the next generation of CTAHR scholars!

What Bit Him? 23 December 2019

What Bit Him?

PEPS expert weighs in on culprit in spider-bite reaction

Dan Rubinoff, in the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, was interviewed for KHON’s story about a local man bitten by an unknown spider. The bite caused tremendous pain, swelling, even tissue damage, and people want to know what caused it!

Get Schooled on Aquaculture 23 December 2019

Get Schooled on Aquaculture

Researchers present mini-symposium January 15

Andre Seale in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences will host an international mini-symposium, “Approaches for Experimental Challenges in Aquaculture Research,” with Darren Okimoto and Darren Lerner from UH Sea Grant on January 15. Other CTAHR presenters include Fritzie Celino-Brady and Rajesh Jha.


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