Spittlebugs on the Move 21 January 2020

Spittlebugs on the Move

Pasture pest is spreading on Hawai‘i Island

Mark Thorne, in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences, is quoted in a Hawaii News Now article about the invasive pest devastating Big Island pastures, the two-lined spittlebug. The bug, which first appeared in 2016, kills forage grasses that cattle graze on.

Beginning With the Beans 21 January 2020

Beginning With the Beans

Coffee workshops are highlights of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee? CTAHR’s Cooperative Extension partnered with the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and Lehu‘ula Farms to educate coffee producers, consumers, and the public on how to make that perfect cup by making informed decisions when purchasing and brewing coffee.

Alumni Learning and Connecting 21 January 2020

Alumni Learning and Connecting

CTAHR get-together in Kailua-Kona shows how delicious sustainability can be

On Saturday, January 11, Dean Nick Comerford and Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs Ania Wieczorek traveled to Kailua-Kona to connect with CTAHR alumni. A small but merry group met at Ola Brew to get a guided tour of this brewery, which makes ciders and hard seltzers with locally sourced fruits and herbs such as pineapple, dragon fruit, lychee, rambutan, jaboticaba, and lemongrass.

Good Advice 21 January 2020

Good Advice

CTAHR’s new Research Advisory Committee is convened

Research in the college is in good hands with the formation of the new Research Advisory Committee (RAC)! Members are Mohammad Arif (PEPS), Susan Crow (NREM), Noa Lincoln (TPSS), Creighton Litton (NREM), Daniel Owens (MBBE; Senate liaison), Mark Thorne (HNFAS), and Hua Zan (COF).

Yay, Ag Day 13 January 2020

Yay, Ag Day

Sign up now to present at Ag Day at the Capitol

Agriculture Day at the Capitol (February 5) is an opportunity to showcase CTAHR’s impact on Hawaiʻi. Up to 400 state lawmakers, staff, and stakeholders are expected to attend, and booths fill up fast, so please RSVP ASAP to publicize your program or project with an informational display, interactive activity, swag, or samples.


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