CTAHR Day, Every Day 14 February 2020

CTAHR Day, Every Day

Campus outreach event invites UH, high school students, and the community to learn more about the college

What do edible flowers, newspaper dresses, a jar full of snakes, and a giant scary costume of a coconut rhinoceros beetle have in common? The first annual CTAHR Day, presented by the Academic & Student Affairs Office, showed how they are all related to CTAHR’s community Extension and research.

Ag Women Unite 14 February 2020

Ag Women Unite

Conference at Komohana helps women growers to grow a network

Ag finance agent Shannon Sand recently conducted a regional Women in Ag conference at the Komohana Research and Extension Center. It focused on creating and maintaining healthy farms, cultivating resiliency through learning, and fostering the opportunity for women farmers to connect with one other.

Relevant Research 14 February 2020

Relevant Research

Aquaculture center looks to link industry partners with researchers

Cheng-Sheng Lee, the director of the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture housed within CTAHR, discussed the Center’s meeting of its Board of Directors, which reviewed recently completed and ongoing CTSA projects and discussed issues of crucial importance to the state’s and the region’s aquaculture industries.

Helping Families Helps Everyone 14 February 2020

Helping Families Helps Everyone

New online resource shows the value of family studies

The National Council for Family Relations (NCFR), the national accreditation agency for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, has just developed out a new website about the academic discipline of family science. It’s a great tool to help students and faculty learn what the discipline is about and to educate them on their many and varied career options.

Vet Humor 14 February 2020

Vet Humor

Alumnus publishes veterinary joke book

Love animals and need a laugh? Tyler Primavera, an ANSC major who graduated from CTAHR a few years ago, has published a book of jokes about animals and vet school. Tyler, originally from Kailua, is now a veterinary student in Italy and is showing that the serious business of learning to be a veterinarian doesn’t have to be so serious after all!


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