Pigs for a Healthy Planet 29 June 2020

Pigs for a Healthy Planet

Research swine and the environment for this RFP

The National Pork Board has sent out a Request for Proposals for reviews of environmental scientific literature. The Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with the following areas of animal well-being: In-Barn Particulate Matter, Water Quality Impacts of Manure Application, and Effects of Manure on Soil Health.

Screenhouse Success Story 26 June 2020

Screenhouse Success Story

A new series showcases Hawaiʻi Extension to a national audience

The first Story Lead Contest for eXtension Farm Journal has a winner, and it’s CTAHR! Interim Associate Dean of Extension Jeff Goodwin submitted the winning story last month, about the outstanding success of a Cooperative Extension project on screenhouse technology that leads to much higher yields and reduced insecticide use.

On-Target Genome Editing 26 June 2020

On-Target Genome Editing

Study aimed at children’s diseases could help boost agricultural production

A recent study from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital describes a new method for genome editing that could lead to safer, more targeted strategies for treating life-threatening diseases such as some cancers and blood diseases—with less risk of unwanted mutations.

A Garden Isle Welcome 26 June 2020

A Garden Isle Welcome

New county administrator joins the Kaua‘i Extension ‘ohana

Welcome to Glenn Evans, the new Kaua‘i County Administrator! Glenn will be responsible for operating and maintaining the agricultural research station in Wailua and County Extension office in Līhu‘e, and will focus on assisting Kaua‘i County in accomplishing the college’s mission on Kaua‘i.

Sustainable Ag Summer School 26 June 2020

Sustainable Ag Summer School

New video series helps kids learn at home

Many families have been homeschooling their keiki due to the impact of COVID-19, and new resources are always welcome! To help fill that need, CTAHR researchers and grad students, including Koon-Hui Wang and Philip Waisen, have gathered together a series of videos offering cool and fun information about sustainable agriculture.


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