Student Columnists 8 July 2020

Student Columnists

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Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agent Heather Greenwood-Junkermeier is a regular Aging Matters columnist in The Maui News. To add a new perspective, she’s now collaborating with Lori Yancura of Human Development and Family Studies. Lori’s students in her Middle Age and Aging class got a chance to showcase their knowledge by publishing an article that would reach the 20,000 subscribers of The Maui News!

City Mill Gives Back 8 July 2020

City Mill Gives Back

Home improvement store supports CTAHR Extension

Mahalo to City Mill for their generous donation of gardening tools and supplies—totaling over $33,000!—to the Urban Garden Center and CTAHR programs. City Mill has been a longtime supporter of CTAHR’s educational programs, and with their generous support, Extension will be able to expand gardening and horticulture offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of backyard and urban gardeners, agricultural producers, small business owners, consumers, youth, and local communities.

Contact ASAO 6 July 2020

Contact ASAO

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Secretary to the associate dean for Academic and Student Affairs Lydia Gerakas (pictured here in her Halloween finery) has retired after many years of dedicated service to CTAHR and our students. She and her wonderful smile will be missed! Best wishes on your new journey, Lydia!

Interactions Between Partners 6 July 2020

Interactions Between Partners

Dissertation defense on signaling communication

Silvia Moriano-Gutierrez will defend her Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Signaling in Symbiosis: The RNA Signature of Local and Systemic Interactions Between Partners,” via Zoom on July 7 at 1:00 p.m.

Gut Check for Poultry 6 July 2020

Gut Check for Poultry

Paper on chickens’ intestinal health wins top award

Rajesh Jha and his grad student Sudhir Yadav of the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences were awarded the 2019 Best Paper Award by the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.


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