Bad Seed 30 July 2020

Bad Seed

USDA investigates packages of unsolicited seeds from China

No, it’s not pizza delivery, or that e-commerce package you’ve been waiting for weeks to arrive. The Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), has received reports of people across the U.S. receiving “suspicious, unsolicited packages of seed” that appear to be coming from China.

Congrats, Zhiqiang Cheng! 27 July 2020

Congrats, Zhiqiang Cheng!

Turfgrass and landscape pest expert wins arboricultural award

Golf courses, resorts, and homeowner lawns across the Islands rely on Hawai‘i sunshine, good irrigation, and the expert guidance of Zhiqiang Cheng of the Dept. of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences.

How to Make “Quick Stick” Stick 27 July 2020

How to Make “Quick Stick” Stick

NREM thesis investigates out-planting of nitrogen-fixing tree species

What do intensive agricultural expansion, urbanization, sandalwood harvesting, and unmanaged grazing have in common? They all result in deforestation and depleted soil, both globally and across the Hawaiian Islands.

Do the Roots Compete? 27 July 2020

Do the Roots Compete?

TPSS thesis explores questions in agroforestry

Mixed agroforestry systems, in which tree crops, perennial plants, and annuals are grown together as plant allies, provide many benefits over conventional monocrop systems. These include improved soil health and biodiversity, as well as increased resilience to climate change and resistance to some pest pressures.

Communication Change 27 July 2020

Communication Change

Mahalo and aloha, Frederika!

Frederika Bain, writer and editor for CTAHR’s Office of Communication Services, will be leaving CTAHR on July 29 to start a new career as an English teacher. She is very grateful for the chance to have worked with the dedicated, intelligent, generous, and helpful people of the CTAHR ‘ohana.


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