How Salty? 27 September 2019

How Salty?

New research looks into tilapia’s ability to live in varying salinities

Aquaculture researcher Andre Seale is lead author on a new publication, “Systemic Versus Tissue-Level Prolactin Signaling in a Teleost During a Tidal Cycle.” As the abstract explains, Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) are native to estuaries where they encounter tidal fluctuations in water salinity. These fluctuations can be dramatic, subjecting the fish to salinities characteristic of both fresh water and seawater within a single tidal cycle. 

Go to the Rodeo 11 September 2019

Go to the Rodeo

Student fellowships available for International Livestock Forum

Students interested in attending the 2020 ILF should consider applying for student travel fellowships. It will bring together industry leaders, government professionals, and members of academia to discuss domestic and international livestock and food production. Fellows will also get to attend a rodeo, experience unique tours of some of Colorado’s top agricultural enterprises, have behind-the-scenes access to the National Western Stock Show, and engage in a full day of networking and interaction with an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and industry panelists.

Hot Chickens 6 August 2019

Hot Chickens

Heat stress research wins award

HNFAS grad student Sanjeev Wasti received the Certificate of Excellence for the best research and presentation in the Nutrition and Metabolism section at the 2019 Poultry Science Association meeting in Montreal, Canada. Sanjeev is working towards his master’s degree in Animal Sciences under the mentorship of Birendra Mishra (left).

Moolah for Maui 16 July 2019

Moolah for Maui

Top proposals win $100K in funding

Congratulations to all CTAHR faculty who were successful in the recent Maui County FY20 grant competition! Nine proposals were submitted, requesting a total of nearly $133,000; since only $100,000 was available, support was provided for the seven top proposals. Researchers are encouraged to try for funding next year—it’s a great way to get some important projects up and running!

More and Better Wagyu 13 June 2019

More and Better Wagyu

Kyle Caires (HNFAS) recently presented an important breakthrough stemming from his reproductive physiology research at the XXIII Brazilian Congress of Animal Reproduction held in Gramado, RS, Brazil. This project involved research trials using classic and contemporary techniques in embryology to improve embryo production in Wagyu cows.


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