Family Support 10 May 2018

Family Support

Want to help sustain Healthy Families and Resilient Communities? Come to the presentations of FCS candidates Dr. Sothy Eng, Dr. Roula Kteily-Hawa, and Dr. Kelsie Okamura, who specialize in just that!
Spiritual Grandparenting 2 May 2018

Spiritual Grandparenting

Loriena Yancura (FCS) co-authored a new publication, “The Contributions of Religious Practice, Existential Certainty, and Raising Grandchildren to Well-Being in Older Adults,” published in the Journal of Religion, Spirituality and Aging, which examined whether religious practice, spiritual development, and existential certainty are positively linked with grandparents' well-being.
Strong Bones 18 April 2018

Strong Bones

Heather Greenwood Junkermeier (FCS) recently published an article in Maui News entitled “Osteoporosis Affects Both Genders.” She explains what osteoporosis is and what the risk factors of the disease are, and then suggests ways to mitigate them.
Fostering Family Well-Being 14 March 2018

Fostering Family Well-Being

Loriena Yancura’s (FCS) CSREES Multistate project, “Rural Families Speak About Health,” has just published a special issue summarizing publications and findings from the project. Lori is co-author of the article “Understanding Family Well-Being in the Context of Rural Poverty: Lessons from the Rural Families Project.” 

Up, Up, and Away! 7 March 2018

Up, Up, and Away!

Hawai‘i 4-H is highlighted in the National Institute for Food and Agriculture’s Annual Report. The section on youth development notes the STEM-enrichment activities, such as rocketry, that 4-H brings to youth in the Islands. 


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