Family Friends 9 August 2018

Family Friends

Welcome to new FCS faculty Sothy Eng and Rheta Kuwahara! Sothy will be teaching Family Resiliency and Community Development courses, while helping to develop food systems for resilient families and communities in Hawai‘i, Cambodia, and across the Pacific. Rheta will provide instruction in the early childhood and childhood curriculum.
Psychological Fellow 1 August 2018

Psychological Fellow

Community psychology scholar Bobbie Yee was named a Fellow by the American Psychological Association’s Society for Community Research and Action for her work on the reciprocal relationships between individuals and the social system.

Shocked Into Exercise 19 July 2018

Shocked Into Exercise

Hua Zan’s paper on the impact of a spouse’s health shock on one's own activity levels won the Richard L.D. Morse Applied Consumer Economics Award at the national conference of American Council on Consumer Interests.

Go(a)t Ag Careers? 7 June 2018

Go(a)t Ag Careers?

Last week, CTAHR’s Kaua‘i team and the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau jointly hosted the 23rd Annual Agriculture & Environmental Awareness Day at the Kaua‘i Agricultural Research Center, with multiple exhibits and lectures for the 5th-grade students from local schools who attended.
Steps to Well-Being 16 May 2018

Steps to Well-Being

Ulupono Initiative, a Hawai‘iā€focused impact investment firm, has an internship available in the Well Being Data Project for students with advanced standing in social science-related programs. Interested candidates should submit their resume, cover letter, and references to Nick Redding at nredding@ulupono.com by Friday, May 18.

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