Memory Care 28 October 2019

Memory Care

Participate in an HDFS workshop demystifying dementia

Failing memory, disorientation, and the other symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s can be as hard on family members and other loved ones as they are on those with the disease. Michael Cheang, associate professor at Human Development and Family Studies, will present a workshop on different strategies to communicate more effectively with elders who have Alzheimer’s disease and explain similarities and differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Close Family Friends 28 October 2019

Close Family Friends

FCS student group offers outreach to keiki and families

The Friends of the Family student club of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences hosted a booth at the 26th annual Children and Youth Day on the grounds of the Hawaii State Capitol. An estimated 50,000 people attended this free event for Hawai‘i’s families. The Friends of the Family members shared dehydration-prevention methods with children and parents and engaged the keiki in drawing pictures of how they stay hydrated every day.

Fetching Some Interest 4 September 2019

Fetching Some Interest

Family services center showcases its interactive programs

To kick off another semester of youth and family programs, the Family Education Training Center of Hawaii (FETCH) hosted an open house at their program site, Hale Tuahine Farm in Manoa Valley. High school students interested in the world of sustainable agriculture and families seeking healthy ways to grow their own food and learn the skills to create a healthier and more positive family-life attended the free event to explore FETCH’s programs.

Family Training and Sustainable Living 24 July 2019

Family Training and Sustainable Living

The Energy House will host a Garden Showcase

The Family Education Training Center of Hawai‘i (FETCH), headquartered at the iconic Energy House on the UHM campus, is hosting a Garden Showcase. FETCH teaches parents how to lead effectively and shows children how to take responsibility for their actions and effects on the group. In FETCH’s integrated programs, family members develop teamwork as they work together to complete hands-on projects in sustainable family gardening. Everyone can learn to grow, harvest, prepare, cook and eat their own food at home.

New Faces: Hallie Cristobal 24 July 2019

New Faces: Hallie Cristobal

Family and Consumer Science and 4-H agent joins CTAHR Kaua‘i Extension

Welcome to Hallie Cristobal, who has joined the UH Cooperative Extension team in Kaua‘i County as a junior Extension agent in the department of Family and Consumer Science. Hallie grew up on the west side of Kaua‘i in Waimea. She has a BS in Health Promotion from Weber State University in Utah and is currently working online to get a Masters of Education from Capella University.


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