Banding Together Against the Invaders 9 July 2019

Banding Together Against the Invaders

Invasive species conference brings together a variety of partners

Combatting invasive species requires the efforts of university programs, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. CTAHR plays a major role in coordinating their sometimes disparate areas of expertise and agendas, integrating the relevant information and bringing them together for a common cause. One important step in that direction is the invasive species conference that Kaua‘i invasive species Extension agent Roshan Manandhar and CTAHR CES are organizing.

Extending to Colorado 9 July 2019

Extending to Colorado

COF faculty gets professional-development opportunity

Center on the Family specialist Sarah Yuan has been awarded a $750 scholarship by the Roy A. Goff Memorial Endowment Fund to participate in the National Conference of Epsilon Sigma Phi, the Extension Professionals’ Organization, in Colorado in October. As vice chair of the Hawaii ESP Chapter, Sarah is taking the lead on identifying and supporting professional-development training needs of Extension colleagues in Hawai‘i.

Adapting Ag 9 July 2019

Adapting Ag

Mark your calendars for AG2019, October 15–16 at Hawaii Convention Center

Farmers have always had to be adaptable, thanks to the many unknowns and unexpected events that mark the career of a grower or rancher. Now, with the climate in a state of flux, adaptation is more important than ever before. This is the theme of the Hawai‘i Agriculture Conference 2019—AGdaptation: Hawai‘i’s Growing Opportunity.

Get Some Land 9 July 2019

Get Some Land

Please help review the new plot-allocation form

One of the greatest assets of the college is its research and experiment stations, with their knowledgeable and dedicated managers and agricultural technicians and their priceless land on which to conduct variety trials, livestock feeding experiments, and more. Now the county administrators have been working on revising plot-allocation forms into a single document to more effectively manage project requests in terms of land, ag tech hours, and the other resources that go into establishing and maintaining an agricultural experiment.

Get a Job! 2 July 2019

Get a Job!

CTAHR majors are in demand

In the June 26 article “College Majors with the Lowest Unemployment,” USA Today listed 25 majors whose graduates are highly employable, along with their average salaries. Members of our ‘ohana will be gratified to learn that no fewer than six of these majors are offered by CTAHR! Alumni in these fields are well on their way to finding fulfilling and gainful employment.


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