Soy to the World 16 July 2019

Soy to the World

Special presenter will discuss soybean genetics

Want to learn more about a key crop with potential to weather climate change and give protein to the world? Come to a special presentation from TPSS, “Integrating Targeted and Skim Sequencing in the Molecular Breeding Toolbox” by David Hyten. Date: Wednesday, July 17, Time: 12:00 noon, Location: St. John 106, or through Zoom.

Insight on Indigenous Ag 16 July 2019

Insight on Indigenous Ag

Sustainable traditional cropping systems are an answer to food sustainability, says professor

Noa Lincoln (TPSS) recently appeared on a panel on the PBS show Insights discussing the role of indigenous agriculture in our contemporary food and agricultural systems. He defined indigenous agriculture as a constellation of place-adaptive systems that develops in concert with the ecology of the land and the needs of the people, leading to long-lasting and enduring forms of agriculture. Noa is eminently qualified to discuss such systems, since they’re at the heart of his research, teaching, and publications.

Happily Ever Grafter 16 July 2019

Happily Ever Grafter

New techniques on cacao are getting a closer look

At Komohana Research and Extension Center there’s been a lot of cacao excitement! PIs Eli Isele and Alyssa Cho (both TPSS) have received an Applied Grafting Techniques grant from the County of Hawai‘i Department of Research and Development for a project comparing two hand-held machine-grafting tools with traditional grafting by hand using a knife to determine which are most efficient and cost-effective for avocado, cacao, and macadamia.

Moolah for Maui 16 July 2019

Moolah for Maui

Top proposals win $100K in funding

Congratulations to all CTAHR faculty who were successful in the recent Maui County FY20 grant competition! Nine proposals were submitted, requesting a total of nearly $133,000; since only $100,000 was available, support was provided for the seven top proposals. Researchers are encouraged to try for funding next year—it’s a great way to get some important projects up and running!

Hunger in the Land of Plenty 16 July 2019

Hunger in the Land of Plenty

Anti-hunger activist will give presentation in September

It’s a bitter irony that in a country of such potential prosperity, where so many citizens seek to curb their caloric intake, the concurrent threat of hunger hangs over a large segment of the population. To hear more about hunger in the US, ways that the corporate infrastructure fosters it, and initiatives to combat it, save the date and plan come to the presentation sponsored by UH’s American Studies department by anti-hunger activist Andy Fisher.


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