4-H Ali‘i 19 June 2020

4-H Ali‘i

Join the June 25th online ceremony for 4-H supporters

Since 1947, the 4-H Ahaolelo (“gathering for a meeting”) has brought together 4-H’ers from throughout Hawai‘i, as well as Canada, Guam, California, Micronesia, and Japan. As the Ahaolelo website explains, “The 4-H Ahaolelo is rich in tradition. The week of ‘coming together’ has played an important part in the development of 4-H in Hawaii. The 4-H Ahaolelo provides opportunities to make friends and exchange ideas.”

Modes of Communication 15 April 2020

Modes of Communication

O‘ahu 4-H takes its Communication Fair online

The O‘ahu 4-H Communication Fair is an annual tradition that dates back more than a decade. So when the coronavirus pandemic cancelled many 4-H events, club meetings, and activities, O‘ahu 4-H adapted to the times and brought it online.

Video in the Kitchen 3 April 2020

Video in the Kitchen

Hey, kids! 4-H announces a cooking contest

Hawai‘i 4-H is challenging all 12- to 18-year-olds in Hawai‘i to participate in a county-to-statewide cooking competition! Contestants will prepare their favorite dish in a 5- to 7-minute video highlighting a local commodity. They should demonstrate how to create a healthful recipe and include some kitchen and food safety tips. County winners will be selected to compete in a state competition.

Oʻahu 4-H Rally Day! 11 September 2019

Oʻahu 4-H Rally Day!

This Saturday at the Urban Garden Center

Bring your keiki (or give your friends a mini-vacation by bringing theirs!) to meet 4-H clubs from across Oʻahu and see some of the exciting, fulfilling projects theyʻre working on. Participants will get to experience educational and interactive mini-workshops and presentations.

They’re into Growing in a BIG Way! 28 September 2018

They’re into Growing in a BIG Way!

East Hawai‘i 4-H had a record year at their recent Hawai‘i County Giant Fruit & Vegetable Contest, adding six new contest records, including a 2.37-pound giant tomato, a 16.74-pound coconut, a 2.02-pound lemon, a giant 7.47-pound sweet potato, a 14.5-inch sunflower head, and, astonishingly, an 84.5-inch-long gourd!


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