Get WPS 5 June 2020


In-person safety training TODAY at 10:00 a.m. at Magoon

Joseph DeFrank of the Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences is offering a Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training TODAY, Friday, June 5, at 10 a.m. at the Magoon Research Facility. Training must be done annually, so if your WPS training is expiring soon or you have new assistants who need training, please consider attending.

ADSC Is Closed to Samples 3 June 2020

ADSC Is Closed to Samples

Last-minute construction changes adversely affect ADSC’s ability to provide diagnostics.

The Agricultural Diagnostic Service Center apologizes for the inconvenience.

ADSC: Closed for Remodeling 22 May 2020

ADSC: Closed for Remodeling

Last day to receive samples is June 10. Komohana will continue offering HI Island service

The Agricultural Diagnostic Service Center (ADSC) will be closed from Wednesday, June 10, through Monday, July 13. The ADSC, located in Sherman Laboratory, is entering a major phase of HVAC construction work. Currently the entire second floor is sealed off with a ventilation system, along with a chute and dumpster for construction debris.

Updates on Building Access 30 March 2020

Updates on Building Access

UHM campus moves to partial closure to conserve resources and staff efforts

With everyone who can work from home doing so, there’s been a major drop in usage of UH Mānoa campus facilities. Effective Monday, March 30, significant changes affecting access to, and operations of, all UHM upper-campus buildings will be in place. This will reduce the workforce reporting to campus and allow personnel to focus on servicing areas that must remain open to support critical operations.

UH Extension Offices and Research Stations 24 March 2020

UH Extension Offices and Research Stations

Closed to the Public, Open Virtually

CTAHR’s Cooperative Extension Offices and Research Stations across the state remain open—virtually. All sites are closed to the public, but you may continue your work with Extension agents contacting them via email or phone. Established CTAHR volunteers are permitted to continue their ongoing efforts at Extension facilities by working individually and practicing social distancing along CDC guidelines.


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