14 February 2019

A Fine Day for Swine

A Fine Day for Swine

With their omnivorous appetites and modest housing needs, pigs are an important part of food security in the Islands. CTAHR Extension is getting swine producers the help they need to keep local pork production safe and sustainable.

Livestock Extension agent Savannah Katulski (pictured) hosted a Kaua‘i Swine Day this month at the Kaua‘i Agricultural Research Station, which included presentations by Savannah, Extension specialists Halina Zaleski and Jenee Odani, and conservation specialist John Nelson from NRCS/Soil and Water Conservation District. Topics included Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Plus training, environmental sustainability and conservation, pig heath and parasite management, and record keeping for animal health and business profitability. Attendees were able to get their herd checked for internal parasites using fecal analysis, courtesy of Jenee. Additionally, attendees were PQA Plus certified by Halina. For more information on livestock-related events on Kaua‘i, you can contact Savannah at katulski@hawaii.edu.

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