24 January 2019

Meanings-of-Dress Success

Meanings-of-Dress Success

What message is that person attempting to convey with their beehive hairdo and silver cape? You just might find out in The Meanings of Dress, a textbook co-edited by FDM professor Andy Reilly that’s recently been released in its 4th edition. The book, now updated with new examples, promises to tell readers how—and why—consumers buy clothing and accessories, and to increase their global awareness as they study dress and appearance.

The contributors, who come from four continents and draw examples from ten countries, are experts in fashion theory, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, gender studies, religion, material culture, consumer behavior, and popular culture. The book includes more than 50 articles on topics such as wearable technology, cosplay, lesbian dress, and genderqueer fashion. Find out more here! https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/the-meanings-of-dress-9781501323942/

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