7 June 2018

Go(a)t Ag Careers?

Go(a)t Ag Careers?
Last week, CTAHR’s Kaua‘i team and the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau jointly hosted the 23rd Annual Agriculture & Environmental Awareness Day at the Kaua‘i Agricultural Research Center. There were multiple exhibits and lectures for the 5th-grade students from local schools who attended. Dean Comerford participated and welcomed the students. Extension agent Savannah Katulski (HNFAS) taught students about dairy goat care, goat milk, and goat-milk nutrition. Then she taught the students how to milk a goat and even offered them the opportunity to milk goats themselves! Many students indicated an interest in future careers in agriculture, including raising goats! Extension agent Roshan Manandhar (PEPS) presented a lecture on Elementary Entomology, and 4-H Extension agent Laura Kawamura (FCS) offered a “Where Does Your Food Come From?” activity The Kaua‘i Master Gardeners, coordinated by junior Extension agent Emilie Kirk (TPSS), were also out in force, leading hands-on activities for the students to practice sweetpotato propagation and proper recycling and composting habits for the home.

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