16 May 2018

Steps to Well-Being

Steps to Well-Being
Ulupono Initiative, a Hawai‘i‐focused impact investment firm, has an internship available in the Well Being Data Project for students with advanced standing in social science-related programs. The internship position description is available on Manoa Collaboration Cloud's home page (scroll down). Ulupono Initiative uses for‐profit and non‐profit investments to improve the quality of life for Island residents in four areas: locally produced food; clean, renewable energy; sustainable water management; and waste reduction. Interns will be supporting an internal effort to identify factors relevant to well-being in Hawai‘i and to gather data that will make it possible to measure relevant conditions and outcomes at a regional level across the state. Activities will include conducting background research reviews, identifying and transforming data sources, creating compelling visualizations, and supporting the construction of a website platform that will host the project. All work will be conducted at Ulupono’s downtown office. This is a competitively paying, fixed‐term placement (summer and fall semesters), suitable for students with advanced standing in psychology, sociology, economics, or other social science‐related disciplines looking for experience in applied social research to complement their studies. Additional requirements include basic social research methods background; familiarity with manipulating and analyzing quantitative data; strong communications skills, including analytical writing ability; ability to work well in a small, diverse team environment; enough initiative and ability to be proactive; an open mind; and readiness to question assumptions. Preferred qualifications include prior experience with population research, familiarity with Tableau visualization software, and basic skills in website design and development. Interested candidates should submit their resume, cover letter, and references to Nick Redding at nredding@ulupono.com by Friday, May 18.

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