20 June 2024

Seeds of Wellbeing

FCS mental health for Hawaiʻi farmers project wins award

Seeds of Wellbeing

Nearly half of Hawaiʻi farmers under age 46 report depression – which reflects the high-stress environment they must contend with on a daily and seasonal basis, complete with risks and uncertainties, volatile markets, fluctuating weather, invasive species, and the list goes on.

With the goal to promote better mental health for those who work in the agriculture industry, Thao Le of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences developed Seeds of Wellbeing (SOW) to provide workshops, research, podcasts, and educational materials in multiple languages to equip individuals with practical skills for managing stress and promoting mental well-being.

For its efforts, SOW was honored with the Outstanding Community Mental Health Leader award by Mental Health America Hawaiʻi.

Read the full UH News story.

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