20 March 2024

Excellence in Teaching

Sothy Eng of FCS is CTAHR’s 2023 recipient

Excellence in Teaching

The 2023 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching goes to Sothy Eng of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences.

The award is a testament to Sothy’s dedication, passion, and positive impact he’s had on students and broader educational community. His commitment to fostering an environment of learning and innovative teaching methods have not gone unnoticed.

The selection committee was particularly impressed with Sothy’s ability to inspire and engage students, commitment to continuous improvement, and positive feedback from both students and colleagues. His efforts truly set him apart as an exceptional teacher.

Sothy clearly forms strong connections with his students, and the demonstrated success of his students illustrates his teaching. He also stands out for his attention to student wellbeing and their ability to navigate in the world.

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