20 March 2024

Outstanding APT

Teri Sunada of Human Resources is CTAHR’s 2023 recipient

Outstanding APT

The 2023 Dean’s Award for Outstanding APT Employee goes to Terilyn Sunada.

Teri has been an invaluable member of CTAHR Human Resources for more than six years, consistently elevating our administrative services to new heights. She embodies the essence of exceptional customer service. With a profound understanding of her role, she effortlessly executes tasks with a smile and unwavering positivity. Colleagues describe her as kind, gentle, and possessing an outstanding demeanor, coupled with an unparalleled work ethic.

Teri exemplifies the spirit of Lokahi through her clear communication, remarkable responsibility, and adeptness at elucidating complex matters for faculty and staff. Her proficiency has earned her the affectionate nickname “Shirt Pocket” for being as indispensable as a trusted pocket. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Teri as an integral part of our HR team, consistently exceeding expectations and setting a standard of excellence for us all.

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