31 January 2024

Enhancing Connections

UH pursues collaborations with the Korea Food Research Institute

Enhancing Connections

A decade ago, a college-to-college memorandum of understanding between UH and the Korea Food Research Institute had facilitated a robust exchange of research programs, labs, conferences, workshops, and more.

Soojin Jun of the Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences would like to bring back that fruitful interchange, starting with a new university-level MOU that was signed last week between CTAHR Associate Dean for Research Walter Bowen, Brent White of UH, and Hyung-Hee Baek of KFRI.

“KFRI is just one of many government-affiliated research institutes in the food and agriculture sectors in Korea,” says Soojin. “There are plenty of funding opportunities requiring international collaborations. With this MOU, we anticipate more exchanges of faculty, scholars, and students, academic publications, organizations of joint research programs such as on-site labs, and periodical joint conference meetings or workshops.”

After the signing ceremony in Gilmore Hall, KFRI delegates and HNFAS faculty walked to the Agricultural Sciences Building to present their own research projects and accomplishments, and further discuss the potential for collaboration.

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