8 November 2023

Navigating MyIPM

Extension workshop maximizes utilization of this terrific new app

Navigating MyIPM

Want to identify pests and combat them with the most effective strategies? There’s an app for that! Just one problem: not all apps are created equal, and unfortunately some are more hassle than help. 

Enter MyIPM, a terrific new app that’s designed for industry and homeowners alike. To help you make the most of its features, Hawaiʻi County Extension Agent Russell Galanti led a collaboration with USDA PBARC to create a statewide webinar that will introduce users to the app, and how to navigate and use it successfully for your needs. 

"As Extension Agents who work in the Ornamental and Landscape industries, we are excited to share this new phone app, MyIPM,” says Alberto Ricordi. “It will help commercial producers and homeowners to identify pests, learn about management strategies at their leisure. There will be opportunities for hands-on interaction and online troubleshooting, so be sure to download the app to your smart phones before you log onto the webinar."

November 29, 5:00-6:30 p.m. 

Register here. For questions, contact Alberto Ricordi at albertoh@hawaii.edu

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