10 August 2023

Hawaiʻi Agrifood Summit

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Hawaiʻi Agrifood Summit

Join leading experts on sustainable agriculture and aquaculture practices, along with global corporate leaders on industry trends and innovation, for THRIVE Hawaiʻi Agrifood Summit, Developing Sustainable Food, Agriculture, and Aquaculture Solutions for the Asia Pacific Region. 

The two-day event on September 26-27 at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center will consist of keynote speeches, panel conversations, start-up pitches, and more.

Register! before the end of August and take $50 off registration fees. Use code: earlybird

Summit attendees are welcome to join an optional tour of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park in Kailua-Kona on Thursday, Sept 28. The tour is free to attend for registered summit attendees.You must book your own flight arrangements.

The Asia Pacific region faces a range of food security challenges, including population growth, climate change, poverty, water scarcity, urbanization, conflicts, natural disasters, and pests and diseases. Rapid population growth and climate change put immense pressure on food production systems, while poverty and inequality make it difficult for many people to access enough nutritious food. Water scarcity, urbanization, conflicts, and natural disasters can also disrupt food production and supply chains.

Addressing these challenges will require a combination of approaches, including investing in agricultural research and development, promoting sustainable farming practices, improving infrastructure and logistics, and strengthening social safety nets to support vulnerable communities. The commercialization of climate-smart innovative technologies will play a crucial role. Join them and be part of the solution!

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