12 May 2023

Insectary Infrastructure

InSTAR is a new core facility at UHM

Insectary Infrastructure

The Insectary for Scientific Training and Advances in Research (InSTAR) is a new core facility located inside the Life Sciences Building at UHM. It is designed to serve the UH community as well as outside users. 

“InSTAR aims to create the necessary infrastructure needed for proper insect-rearing conditions,” says Nicole Yoneishi of InSTAR. “Its goal is to promote research on insect microbiotas and advance research in medical entomology by providing core services and training.”

She adds, “We offer low-cost fees for insect-rearing equipment and services, a collaborative lab and rearing space, bioBUBBLE insect containment, and other training and insect-management services. Contact us for a tour of the facility where you can meet happy insects!”

For more information, contact Nicole at ny9@hawaii.edu.

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