12 May 2023

Aiding the Indo-Pacific

USAID selects CTAHR team for partnership incubator

Aiding the Indo-Pacific

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has selected CTAHR as one of four minority-serving institutions to receive technical assistance support from USAID’s Partnerships Incubator. This means that CTAHR will now work alongside USAID to develop and implement approaches to providing foreign aid to countries around the world. Organizations are selected for USAID’s Partnership Incubator program based on their potential to provide valuable localized or non-traditional knowledge and tools to improve foreign aid.

The selected CTAHR team consists of Catherine Chan and Poonam Keral of the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Thao Le of the Dept. of Human Development and Family studies, and Brent Sipes of the Dept. of Plant and Environmental Protection Services. 

In order to secure the coveted partnership with USAID, the team had to formulate and submit a proposal and interview with the USAID team. Over the coming months, the CTAHR team will work tirelessly with USAID Partnerships Incubator advisors and mentors to build CTAHR’s capacity to work with USAID in the Indo-Pacific.

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