14 October 2022

Well Deserved, Jari

Extension director is honored by Oʻahu RC&D

Well Deserved, Jari

A very sincere congrats to Jari Sugano, Oʻahu County Administrator for Extension, who was honored by the Oʻahu Resource Conservation and Development Council.

Jari was the honored speaker at the event “Celebrating Women Who Help Shape Local Agriculture in Hawaiʻi,” where the statewide membership of Oʻahu RC&D’s Hawaiʻi Women Farmers Network recognized her professional excellence, dedication, and leadership; she serves as an inspiration to many throughout Hawai’i's agricultural sector.

“Notably, you were selected for this honor by other women in agriculture based on your many years of service as an exceptional role model for agricultural professionals,” writes Dave Elliott, executive director of Oʻahu RC&D. “Thank you for your willingness to share your personal story, time and expertise with our organization and the farmers and producers we support, this year and on so many previous occasions. RC&D has deepened its collaboration with CTAHR and strengthened its programming for sustainable agriculture as a result of your partnership. It has always been a pleasure and honor working with you.”

“Of all my achievements, this one is extra special, and I will hold this honor close to heart,” Jari says. “I thank my grandparents and parents who instilled in me the love for the land and ocean, which ultimately led me to CTAHR. CTAHR provided leadership opportunities for me as a wahine, student, faculty member, and now administrator.”

She adds, “We need more wahine in our field. The partnership CTAHR enjoys with Oʻahu RC&D is ideal for developing more wahine leaders in the field of agriculture.”

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