14 October 2022

Future Fashionistas

FDM visits Farrington H.S.

Future Fashionistas

Under the auspices of advisor Andy Reilly, our Fashion Design and Merchandising undergrads paid a visit to Farrington High School to support its students and evaluate their fashion designs.

The visit was prompted by an invite from Erin Kamikawa, an instructor at Farrington in charge of the fashion curriculum, who is also a member of the FDM Advisory Board.

The H.S. students in Erin’s class are learning about the fundamentals of design and were tasked with creating a look using recycled materials that is based on an historical period but updated for today’s market. They also were tasked with designing the look for a celebrity.  

“We were in awe by how intelligent and creative the Farrington students were in turning recycled materials into high fashion MET gala outfits, and throughout the entire process of making something they feel is important to them and their community,” said Ryan Koon, president of the FDM student club Innovators of Fashion. Ryan was joined by fellow FDM majors Gio Tomita, Jordan Casteen, and Alejandra Ramirez.

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