14 October 2022

Fall Mixer!

CTAHR alums and students dive into chocolate

Fall Mixer!

By Jessie Radovich

On Sunday, September 25th, CTAHR Alumni & Students gathered at Mānoa Chocolate in Kailua for a fun and educational afternoon, enjoying all things chocolate!

Co-founder Dylan Butterbaugh walked participants through the chocolate-making process, while tasting room manager Gracie Thacker guided us through the nuances of specialty chocolate tasting.

CTAHR guests were then divided into groups to imagine new chocolate bar creations, complete with backstories and artwork judged by our Mānoa Chocolate hosts. CTAHR did not disappoint and gave the proprietors some awesome new ideas to consider! Everyone went home with their choice of two chocolate bars and a better knowledge of what it takes to bring cacao from bean to bar.

A special thank you to the entire staff at Mānoa Chocolate for making our experience so amazing. Keep an eye out for what adventures await at our Spring 2023 Mixer event!

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