14 October 2022

CTSA in Kona

Aquaculturists see potential in grouper cultivation

CTSA in Kona

by Kaylee Cordeiro

This past summer, Cheng-Sheng Lee, Executive Director of the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture, had the opportunity to see the progression of the Nenue project in Kona. With increasing unification in projects, he and Ocean Era President, Neil Sims, were able to discuss the possibilities and hopes for the future of aquaculture in Hawai’i.

Cheng-Sheng goes into depth, explaining their attempts to increase the amount and quality of coral groupers. Their high demand has resulted in a crippling population. However, the project, “Optimizing coral grouper (Plectropomus leopardus) culture to promote rapid commercialization in the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands” has increased their knowledge of grouper growth and survival.

Read more at the CTSA website.

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