12 September 2022

‘Cathy Rulloda’ and ‘Phil Rulloda’

TPSS and HFNA reveal new anthuriums in Las Vegas

‘Cathy Rulloda’ and ‘Phil Rulloda’

In a city that venerates the bold and the beautiful, the Dept. of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences was right at home with its world-premiere presentation of two new anthurium varities: the Cathy Rulloda and the Phil Rulloda.

Featured by Team Hawaiʻi (CTAHR and the Hawaiʻi Floriculture and Nursery Association) at “Roots,” the National Symposium of the American Institute of Floral Designers held in Las Vegas last month. The design team included Tessie Amore and grad students in TPSS, who partnered with Hitomi Gilliam, Sue Tabbal-Yamaguchi, and Lois Hiranaga of HFNA. The stunning new flowers also helped to highlight the unique relationship between breeder, grower, and designer that has produced a trove of varieties sought after by industry pros.

Watch the symposium highlight video (the Hawaiʻi program starts at 3:55).

The flowers:

Phil Rulloda is an author, multi-awarded floral designer, and owner of the Southern California School of Floral Design, Tessie explains. He has been featured in numerous trade magazines, floral shows, podcasts and blogs, and was on a 2004 promotional video from the Hawaii Dept of Ag and Hawaii Tropical Flower Council. He is known for his bold floral designs featuring Hawaii-grown tropicals. As a sought-after speaker and designer, he has educated many users on how to use tropical flowers in arrangements. Read more about his achievements.

Cathy Rulloda: a new vibrant red, uniquely heart-shaped anthurium variety. The glossy spathe measures 7” long and 5.7” wide, with good substance. The spathe does not bruise easily during transit. The spadix is proportional, measuring 2.7” long and 0.4” wide, reclining, i.e., does not curve upward, as the spadix matures. In its antique form, the spathe remains glossy and turns slightly green while the spadix color ranges from yellow to green. The stem ranges from medium to long, averaging 21” long and 0.3” wide. ‘Cathy Rulloda’ has a long vase life of about 22.8 days (treated with BA and packed for 3 days packed, for a total of 25.8 days).

Phil Rulloda: a new, dark red obake anthurium variety. The glossy spath measures 10” long and 7” wide, with good substance. The spathe does not crack during transit. As the plant matures, the spathe gets large to extra large. The obake (green) expression in the spathe is seasonal, with more pronounced greening when growing temperatures are cooler. The spadix is proportional, measuring 3” long and 0.4” wide, reclining i.e., does not curve upward as the spadix matures. The stems are long, averaging 22” in length and 0.3” wide. ʻPhil Rullodaʻ has a long vase life of about 52 days (heated with BA and packed for 3 days packed for a total of 55 days).

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