2 August 2022

In the Journals

Rajesh Jha of HNFAS connects with prestigious publications

In the Journals

The journal Animals has awarded its 2022 Best Paper to Rajesh Jha and his grad students Razib Das, Sophia Oak, and Pravin Mishra, all of the Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences. Congrats!

Their paper, “Probiotics (Direct-fed microbials) in poultry nutrition and their effects on nutrient utilization, growth and laying performance, and gut health: A systematic review,” explores their alternative to the poultry industry’s routine practice of administering in-feed antibiotics to promote growth and manage gut microbiota. A growing understanding of the environmental and human health consequences of antibiotic overuse in livestock production has led to banning or regulating antibiotics as feed additives.

“We reviewed probiotics as alternatives to antibiotics,” says Rajesh. “These mimic the functions of in-feed antibiotics as growth promoters and modulate gut microbiota for their beneficial roles, such as improving nutrient digestion, absorption, metabolism, and overall health and growth performance of poultry. We hope to help producers and regulatory agencies using probiotics in poultry nutrition to develop new dietary and managerial strategies that will ultimately lead to enhanced feed utilization and improved growth performance of poultry.

Read the full Best Paper description. Visit Rajesh’s research program at his lab website.

In other journal news, Rajesh was recently appointed Associate Editor of the journal Animal Nutrition (Impact Factor- 5.285) and Editor of the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology (Impact Factor- 6.175).  Rajesh also serves as Section Editor of “Poultry Science” and Associate Editor for Frontiers in Physiology, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, and Animal Science Journal. Congrats again!

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