13 July 2022

Garments and Catwalks

FDM class use CAD apps to boost creativity

Garments and Catwalks

Now this sounds like a fun class. In FDM 338: 2D/3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) this past Spring semester, the students learned how to create 3D virtual garments and catwalks, fashion flats and illustrations, and t-shirt graphic designs based on their design concepts. The students used a combination of Optitex 3D software and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

“My favorite part about our fashion CAD work was being able to have the freedom of creativity,” one student wrote. “This class was straightforward with easy-to-follow instructions and I feel that I have learned a lot regarding CAD,” said another. “Overall, I was able to create some amazing designs that I love and I'm so glad I took this class!” said another.

Watch the virtual fashion show!

Each student was also tasked with creating a virtual store that sells diverse customized products exclusive to each student’s graphic designs: Store One, Store Two, Store Three.

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