22 June 2022

Flowers Can Last Forever

UGC project has multiple beneficiaries

Flowers Can Last Forever

Long after they’ve wilted and returned to the earth, flowers grown by Extension agents at the Urban Garden Center will live on in the memories, education, and overall development of Oʻahu youths.

Originally grown to brighten the décor at the CTAHR 'Ohana Banquet, as well as brighten spirits at the Hawaiʻi Dept. of Health, the harvested flowers also went toward teaching students at Pearl City High School how to make arrangements using locally available flowers. PCHS teachers and students also made floral arrangements to give to school administrators during Admin Professional Week.

“Our teachers got creative with a social-emotional activity by arranging flowers in teams for administrative professionals day with flowers provided by CTAHR Extension agents,” said PCHS’ Marla Miyamura. “This was a very relaxing way to end their school day and meeting.”

Last but not least, the flowers were integral to a field day for a Youth Challenge hosted by Christine Hanakawa at UGC.

“Seeing the faces of the National Guard’s Youth Challenge cadets light up when learning about the role of flowers and pollinators in the garden, drove home the message on why we do what we do at CTAHR,” said Jari Sugano. “This was a great example of transferring the lessons from the field to the classroom.”

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