22 June 2022

Promoting Palekana

Faculty Senate wants you to help "Build a Safer CTAHR Community”

Promoting Palekana

The CTAHR Faculty Senate's Personnel Committee would like to request your assistance in promoting the "Build a Safer CTAHR Community'' awareness campaign.

Working with the college's Administrative Services, they have developed a flyer that presents major resources available for learning about and taking action on preventing and stopping workplace bullying, harassment, and violence.

Here's how you can help:

1. Distribute the Build a Safer CTAHR Community flyer to your faculty, staff, and students

  • Distribute the flyer via email, with a brief message to encourage your faculty, staff, and students to learn and take action on preventing and stopping workplace bullying, harassment, and violence. Please do it at least two times in the AY22-23.
  • Print color copies of the flyer and post them on bulletin boards or other public areas.

2. Post the Build a Safer CTAHR Community thumbnail on social media that reaches your students. Note: Please embed the flyer’s URL: http://go.hawaii.edu/CQx in social media.

3. Contact HR manager Christie Nitta (cfukumae@hawaii.edu) to schedule a Workplace Non-Violence Training, if you haven't had the training for your faculty and staff within the past two years.

For questions, comments, or suggestions about this campaign, please contact Jenee Odani of the Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences.

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