28 September 2017

Giant Success

Giant Success

East Hawai‘i 4-H made a great showing at the 67th Hawai‘i County Fair, September 21–24. Hawai‘i County Extension agent Becky Settlage said “it was a productive but fun 4 days” with 45 4-H members and leaders taking one or more four-hour shifts.

4-H’ers set four state records in the Giant Fruit & Vegetable Contest, including kalo (20.86 pounds), watermelon (59.3 pounds), bushel gourd (137.6 pounds) and tomato (2.23 pounds). More than 1,000 children went through the 4-H petting zoo, meeting baby chicks, ducklings, rabbits, goats, sheep, and horses. From the petting zoo, children were sent to Germ City, where 4-H members taught them the importance of proper hand-washing. 4-H’ers also had a Make & Take craft area where participants turned beads into floral and gecko key chains.

Equally well attended was the Wii Games area, where as part of a 4-H Healthy Living program called “Get Moving for Health (GM4-H),” visitors were welcome to play a round of Wii tennis, bowling, baseball, or golf. When they were done, they could sign a pledge “to Make Being Active Part of My Every Day Lifestyle.” Of course, one of the best ways to stay active is by joining 4-H!

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