17 June 2021

By Ship and By Plane

First mammal survey includes Hawaiʻi data

By Ship and By Plane

Pigs, dogs, rats, goats, deer, sheep, cattle, cats, mongoose – all were brought to the Islands of Aloha.

In fact, “Hawaiʻi is unique among the 50 states in that all terrestrial mammals, other than our native Hawaiian hoary bat (ʻōpeʻapeʻa), are non-native,” says Melissa Price of the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

In the first-ever effort to monitor the populations of mammals on a national scale, Snapshot USA set up 1,509 motion-activated cameras from 110 sites located across all 50 states, including Hawaiʻi. On Oʻahu, feral pigs, Indian mongoose, feral cats, and hunting dogs were detected on the deployed cameras.

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