6 August 2019

4-H Awards

Hawaiʻi faculty honored at national meeting

4-H Awards

Maui County 4-H agent Nancy Ooki and state 4-H program leader Jeff Goodwin will be recognized at the annual meeting of the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents held in November at the Greenbrier Conference Center in West Virginia.

Nancy will be recognized in two separate award categories, as the Western Region winner for the Communicator Award in the Educational Piece category for her creation of an educational virtual reality experience, and as the Excellence in Educational Technology Specialty Award winner for an app she developed.

Agriculture in Hawai‘i is a virtual reality tour of the UH Cooperative Extension research stations throughout the state. The project allows youth and community members to engage with the sites through the Google Expeditions platform. The content focuses on both expected and unexpected agricultural commodities in Hawai‘i. The objectives of the project are to educate and excite Hawai‘i youth in urban settings about agriculture and local foods, to support a diminishing agriculture workforce, to improve health and healthy living choices of students, and to educate youth around the world about agriculture in Hawai‘i.

Nancy’s Go! Extension app allows 4-H and other Extension agents to communicate with the general public and specific audiences by providing educational content about program topics. The app, which has already been used successfully at several events, provides for 24/7 access to information through placement of QR codes on posters, websites, and flyers. After downloading the app, users look for the codes when visiting a venue or event and can access information and ask questions. This use of technology allows agents to extend their outreach beyond traditional hours and delivery formats.

Jeff will be recognized as a national winner in the Published Photo category of Communicator Awards for his “un-posed” photo of a Hawaii 4-H member at the 2018 Hawai‘i State Farm Fair. The photo, which was used in the promotional materials of the 100th anniversary of the Hawai‘i 4-H program in 2018, not only communicates the care that 4-H members give their 4-H project animals but also conveys the fact that the Hawai‘i 4-H program is representative of the diverse population of the state of Hawai‘i.

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