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Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology

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MBB is an interdisciplinary bachelor of science degree program for learning cutting-edge molecular biosciences concepts and skills that prepares you for a career in the rapidly growing bioeconomy, including the biotechnology industries, educational and computational biology fields, and graduate and medical schools.


Students have the option to take a wide array of elective courses to match their studies to their interests. For their senior capstone project, students may choose their own topics, such as mammalian, environmental and microbial biotechnology, bioinformatics, plant biotechnology, insect and pathogen biotechnology, and aquaculture and bioreactor biotechnology.

Knowledge you gain by utilizing cutting-edge concepts and technologies such as genetic engineering, gene editing using CRISPR, genomics analysis, in silico proteomics, protein folding and more, is sought out by biotech-industry employers, medical and graduate schools.





MBB student


Cutting-Edge Career Opportunities


  • Academic Research 
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture 
  • Biomanufacturing 
  • Bioremediation 
  • Forensics 
  • Genetic Testing 
  • Molecular Diagnostics 
  • Pharmaceutical R&D 
  • Plant Biotechnology


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