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Biological Engineering

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Biological Engineering (BE) emphasizes life and life-sustaining systems. Biological engineers study the design, production, and operation of engineered systems of which a major component is living organisms (plants, animals, aquatic species, cells, etc.). They approach problems from a whole-system context to balance society's demand for biological resources (such as food, fiber, and higher-value products) with environmental integrity and economic success.


Waimanalo Corn Field


Meaningful Career Opportunities


Embark on an analytically demanding and design-centered education that prepares you to address critical challenges in the 21st century. 

Careers include design of equipment and processes for sustainable production of food, biofuels, pharmaceutical compounds, and other biological materials; biological remediation of pollutants and other waste materials in the environment; and development of instruments and analytical techniques underpinning new discoveries in biology, from the molecular to the ecological scale. 

Biological Engineering graduates are working in industry, government, human and veterinary medicine, and entrepreneurial pursuits.


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