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Animal Sciences

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Animal Sciences (ANSC) is the application of experimental investigation, cutting-edge technology, and other scientific principles to advance efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural systems and improve food quality and safety.

Train in both basic and applied agricultural systems, with an emphasis on production in the tropics. Learn about proper care/welfare and management of pets and companion animals (including horses), livestock, marine mammals, exotic wildlife, and/or zoo animals. Learn about animal nutrition, genetics, and breeding. Prepare for veterinary, medical, or pharmacy school or graduate study in the sciences.


Pre-Professional Track Option:



Prepare for veterinary school. Work with CTAHR's pre-veterinary advisor, Dr. Jenee Odani, to ensure that you are ready to apply.


Dr. Odani gives a dog a shot


farm fair


Dr. Jha and students studying chicks


Exciting Career Opportunities


  • Animal Breeder
  • Animal Geneticist 
  • Animal Nutritionist 
  • Animal Scientist 
  • Aquaculturist 
  • Extension Agent 
  • Food Safety Officer 
  • Livestock Farmer 
  • Livestock Inspector 
  • Physician Rancher 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Veterinary Assistant 
  • Wildlife Conservationist 
  • Zookeeper


Visit the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences Department for more information.