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Meet Audrey!


She is CTAHR's Director of Development. If you have any questions or would like to donate to CTAHR, please contact Audrey Hirayama. 

Email: audrey.hirayama@uhfoundation.org

Phone: 808-956-9172



As the first college established in Hawai’i, the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) plays a significant and fundamental role in the history of our state. And as alumni, you understand the uniqueness, diversity and ambitions of the college.

You’ve experienced special connections with classmates and professors. You’ve embraced our camaraderie, and absorbed our singular culture. You’ve contributed to our outstanding reputation. Wherever you are, you carry us with you.

As the new Director of Development, it is my goal to connect your passions to CTAHR’s mission, so together we might continue the important work for the good of Hawai’i and the planet.

With so much going on in academics, research and extension services throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, there are many ways you can direct your generosity. I’m excited about working with you in pursuing our shared goals. Whether you’d like to establish a scholarship, endow student and department projects, further research, sustain our facilities, or ensure a bright future for our community outreach, please contact me at (808) 956-9172 or audrey.hirayama@uhfoundation.org. Let’s talk about your passions and CTAHR’s vision.